Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the sentences

Question 1. The Age of Enlightenment refers ___________ the time of the guiding intellectual movement.

A. in     B. to     C. for     D. with

Question 2. More progress in gender equality will be made ___________ the Vietnamese government.

A. in     B. for     C. by     D. of

Question 3. That house-making is the job of women is a __________ thought.

A. deep-seated     B. including     C. legal     D. intellectual

Question 4. Women in society shouldn’t ________ down on.

A. look     B. be looking     C. be looked     D. looks

Question 5. I don’t think that men are ________ leaders than women.

A. good     B. gooder     C. better     D. well

Question 6. He lost his _________ on hearing the new.

A. involvement     B. enlightenment     C. temper     D. nonsense

Question 7. My mother told me to take out the __________ while she was cooking dinner.

A. doubt     B. rubbish     C. pioneer     D. philosopher

Question 8. Traditionally, men are not only considered decision-makers _________ also bread-winners.

A. and     B. but     C. yet     D. or

Question 9. Discrimination __________ women should be prevented as soon as possible.

A. to     B. on     C. against     D. of

Question 10. Jarena Lee was the first African-American woman to have an autobiography ___________ in American history.

A. publish     B. to publish     C. be published     D. published

Question 11. I think women should have chances to continue __________ a career.

A. pursue     B. pursues     C. pursued     D. pursuing

Question 12. Of currently existing independent countries, New Zealand was the first ________ women’s right to vote in 1893.

A. to acknowledge     B. acknowledge     C. acknowledging     D. have acknowledged

Question 13. In feudal society, men is the head of the family and the one __________ control the family.

A. which     B. whose     C. whom     D. that

Question 14. Struggle _________ the freedom of women in society is never-ending.

A. for     B. in     C. with     D. against

Question 15. Child-bearing _________ the natural role of a women.

A. be     B. am     C. are     D. is

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