600 câu trắc nghiệm Multiple Choice có đáp án cực hay (cơ bản – phần 2)

Câu 1 It is earth’s gravity that ………………. people their weight.

A. gives     B. give     C. giving     D. given

Câu 2 ……………… actress’s life is in many ways unlike that of other women.

A. An     B. A     C. As the     D. That the

Câu 3 Johnny is simply blind ________ his own shortcomings.

A. with     B. to     C. for     D. at

Câu 4 He took a taxi ________ he wouldn’t be late.

A. less     B. unless     C. so that     D. even so

Câu 5 He went to a school which ________ good manners and self- discipline.

A. grew     B. cultivated     C. planted    D. harvested

Câu 6 Total weight of all the ants in the world is much greater than ……………..

A. to all human beings     B. all human beings is that

C. that of all human beings     D. is of all human beings

Câu 7 She ________ 20 pounds out of the bank every Monday

A. pulls    B. draws     C. takes     D. removes

Câu 8 Some monkeys, …………….., use their tails in a way similar to a hand

A. like the spider monkey     B. spider monkey likes

C. to the spider monkey     D. the monkey likes the spider

Câu 9 Black, red, and even bright pink diamonds ………………….

A. occasionally to find     B. occasionally found

C. have occasionally been found    D. have occasionally found

Câu 10 ___________it was late, we decided to take a taxi home.

A. Because     B. Since     C. Because of    D. Although

Câu 11 Each mediocre book we read means one less great book that we would otherwise have a chance ………………

A. to read them     B. read     C. reading     D. to read

Câu 12 We couldn’t reach the house the road was flooded.

A. because     B. because of     C. if     D. though

Câu 13 …………….. problems in sailing in tropical seas is the coral reefs.

A. One of the biggest    b. The biggest one

C. Of the biggest one    d. There are the biggest

Câu 14 ____________he has a headache, he has to take an aspirin.

A. Because     B. Because of    C. Although    D. In spite of

Câu 15 The newcomer has few friends, ……….. ?

A. doesn’t she    B. does she    C. hasn’t she    D. has she

Câu 16 ……….more help, I could call my neighbour.

A. Needed    B. I should    C. I have needed     D. Should I need

Câu 17 They were just _______ us about Anna’s new boyfriend.

A. talking    B. saying    C. speaking    D. telling

Câu 18 Would you mind _______ more clearly, please?

A. speak   B. speaking    C. to speak    D. spoke

Câu 19 The flight had to be delayed ….. the bad weather.

A. because     B. Because of    C. despite     D. when

Câu 20 He was _____ he never washed his clothes by himself.

A. too lazy    B. so lazy that    C. very lazy that    D. such lazy that

Câu 21……..he comes to the theater with me, I shall go alone.

A. Because of     B. Because     C. Unless     D. When

Câu 22 Take a map with you you lose your way.

A. so     B. because     C. although    D. in case

Câu 23 ….. rain or snow, there are always more than fifty thousand fans at the football games.

A. Even though    B. Because     C. Despite     D. Because of

Câu 24 ……..his illness, he had to cancel the appointment.

A. However    B. Despite     C. If     D. Because of

Câu 25 Minh had a terrible headache……, he went to school.

A. However    B. But     C. Although     D. Because

Câu 26 It’s true _______ your aunt’s gone back to teaching, isn’t it?

A. that    B. when    C. which    D. where

Câu 27 _______ of your brothers and sisters do you feel closer to?

A. Who    B. What    C. Whose    D. Which

Câu 28 We met in an ancient building, _______ underground room had been converted into a chapel.

A. that    B. whose    C. whom    D. which

Câu 29 ___________it rained heavily, I went to school on time.

A. However     B. But     C. Although     D. Because

Câu 30 He didn’t answer the s correctly _______.

A. although he isn’t intelligent     B. because he is intelligent

C. in spite of his intelligence     D. despite his intelligent

Câu 31 They would be disappointed if we…………….

A. hadn’t come    B. wouldn’t come     C. don’t come    D. didn’t come.

Câu 32 He kept ________ the same thing again and again.

A. repeat    B. to repeat     C. repeat to     D. repeating

Câu 33 They ________ our party at about eleven yesterday.

A. leave    B. left    C. leaves     D. have left

Câu 34 Paul ________ with us for about nine days.

A. have lived    B. has lived    C. had lived     D. lived

Câu 35 Last year I ________ all of my books in my office.

A. keep    B. kept    C. have kept    D. has kept

Câu 36 He missed an exciting football match on TV last night. He wishes that he _______ it.

A. watched     B. would watch    C. had watched    D. watches

Câu 37 Would John be angry if I ……. ……his bicycle without asking?

A. take    B. took    C. had taken    D. would take.

Câu 38 ______, I can’t hear what he is saying.

A. Because of the noise     B. Because of the soft music

C. Though the music is noise     D. In spite of the noise music

Câu 39 Candidates should never be late for the interview,…. ?

A. should they    B. shouldn’t they    C. are they    D. aren’t they

Câu 40 Politicians…….blame the media if they don’t win the election. They are so predictable.

A. variable    B. variety    C. various    D. invariably

Câu 41 ._____, I feel very refresh.

A. Because I work very hard     B. Although I get up early

C. Because of getting up early     D. Despite getting up late

Câu 42 I hate living in England. It’s cold and it’s damp. I wish I ______ in Spain.

A. lived     B. would live     C. had lived     D. live

Câu 43 If she sold her car, she ………… much money.

A. gets     B. would get     C. will get    D. would have got.

Câu 44 Is there _____ for everyone?

A. food and drink enough     B. enough food and drink

C. enough of food and drink     D. enough food and drink enough

Câu 45 He was _____ he could not continue to work.

A. very tired that    B. such tired that    C. too tired that    D. so tired that

Câu 46 John’s eyes were _____ bad that he couldn’t read the number plate of the car in front.

A. such    B. too     C. so     D. very

Câu 47 People reported that before help _______ them, a small child _______ of infantile paralysis.

A. had reached-died    B. reached-had died

C. reaches-has died    D. has reached-dies

Câu 48 – “I _______ you at 9 tomorrow morning. Will that be OK?”

-“At 9? No, I _______ shopping with my mother.”

A. phone-will go     B. am phoning- have gone

C. will phone-will be going    D. have phoned-am going

Câu 49 My brother sometimes asked himself what _______ to the trees if spring didn’t come at last.

A. happened    B. happens    C. would happen     D. will happen

Câu 50 Davis has _____ many patients _____ he is always busy.

A. too / that     B. very / until    C. such / that     D. so / that

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