600 câu trắc nghiệm Multiple Choice có đáp án cực hay (cơ bản – phần 1)

Câu 1 When we went back to the bookstore, the bookseller _______ the book we wanted.

A. sold    B. had sold    C. sells     D. has sold

Câu 2 By the end of last summer, the farmers _______ all the crop.

A. harvested    B. had harvested   C. harvest     D. are harvested

Câu 3 The director _______ for the meeting by the time I got to his office.

A. left    B. had left    C. leaves     D. will leave

Câu 4 My mother told me she _______ very tired since she came back from a visit to our grandparents.

A. was    B. had been    C. is     D. has been

Câu 5 Susan _______ her family after she had taken the university entrance examination.

A. phoned   B. had phoned    C. phones    D. is phoning

Câu 6 How many cities you and your uncle _______ by July last summer?

A. visited     B. had visited

C. did you visit     D. had you visited

Câu 7 Miss Jane _______ typing the report when her boss came in.

A. didn’t finish     B. hadn’t finished

C. doesn’t finish     D. can’t finish

Câu 8 Peter was in New York last week; he _______ in Washington D.C. three days earlier.

A. was    B. had been    C. is    D. was being

Câu 9 Three women, none of whom we _______ before, _______ out of the hall.

A. saw-had come     B. had seen-came

C. saw-came     D. had seen-had come

Câu 10 They _______ through horrible times during the war years.

A. lived    B. had lived    C. live    D. are living

Câu 11 Sam didn’t get much formal _______.

A. school    B. schooling    C. schooldays    D. schoolgirl

Câu 12 Wow! What a _______ your sister is! I couldn’t get off the phone!

A. talk    B. talking    C. talker    D. talkative

Câu 13 He’ll be remembered both as a brilliant footballer and as a true _______.

A. sport    B. sporting    C. sportsman    D. sports car

Câu 14 This season’s _______ include five new plays and several concerts of Chinese and Indian music.

A. entertainments    B. entertainer

C. to entertain     D. entertaining

Câu 15 She was a _______ child, happiest when reading.

A. study    B. studied    C. studious    D. studiously

Câu 16 She seems to have spent all her life studying in _______ establishments.

A. education    B. educate    C. educated     D. educational

Câu 17 Space travel is one of the marvels wonders of modern _______.

A. science    B. scientific    C. scientifically     D. scientist

Câu 18 My computer makes a _______ low buzzing noise.

A. continue    B. continued    C. continuing     D. continuous

Câu 19 All her life she had a _______ trust in other people.

A. child    B. childlike    C. childish    D. childless

Câu 20 After he had spoken, a _______ silence fell on the room.

A. die    B. death    C. deathly    D. deathless

Câu 21 Put plants …………… a window so that they will get enough light.

A. near to     B. near of     C. next to     D. nearly

Câu 22 He is having a lot of difficulties, ?

A. doesn’t it    B. isn’t it    C. isn’t he    D. doesn’t he

Câu 23 We wish _______ to college next year.

A. go    B. to go    C. going    D. shall go

Câu 24 They agreed _______ us some more money.

A. lend    B. to lend    C. lending   D. lent

Câu 25 He suggested _______ to France this summer time

A. travel    B. to travel    C. traveling    D. traveled

Câu 26 She doesn’t mind _______ me with my exercises

A. help    B. to help    C. helping    D. helps

Câu 27 We would love _______ three cups of coffee

A. have    B. to have    C. having    D. had

Câu 28 Don’t you think my jeans need _______?

A. clean    B. to clean    C. cleaning    D. cleans

Câu 29 They will never forget _______ the Prince.

A. see    B. to see    C. seeing    D. will see

Câu 30 His teacher regrets _______ him that his application for the job has been turned down.

A. tell    B. to tell    C. telling    D. tells

Câu 31 The workers stopped _______ a rest because they felt tired.

A. take    B. to take   C. taking    D. took

Câu 32 That girl tried to avoid _______ some of my s.

A. answer    B. to answer    C. answering    D. answered

Câu 33 The ships had their days of …………………. in the 1840s and 1850s.

A. glorious     B. glory     C. glorify     D. gloriously

Câu 34 Earl was one of the first American artists …………………. landscapes.

A. painting     B. painted    C. for painting     D. to paint

Câu 35 ___________he is tired, he can’t work longer.

A. Because    B. Even though    C. Although     D. Besides

Câu 36 __________it was so cold, he went out without an overcoat.

A. If    B. Since     C. Although     D. Because

Câu 37 Do you really believe ________ ghosts?

A. in     B. for     C. on     D. about

Câu 38 I enjoyed ________ my grandmother during my summer vacation.

A. seeing     B. see     C. to see     D. to seeing

Câu 39 In 1778, he ……………… to London to study with Benjamin West for four years.

A. has gone     B. had gone     C. would go     D. went

Câu 40 I am sorry that I can’t ________ your invitation.

A. take    B. accept     C. agree     D. have

Câu 41 This is the factory …………………………… at work.

A. they are     B. where they are     C. where are     D. in where they are

Câu 42 When he was a boy, he was always willing to join in a ________ of football.

A. match     B. play    C. game     D. group

Câu 43 Who ________ the boss tell him that?

A. did hear     B. does hear     C. hears   D. heard

Câu 44 Each fiber in the bundle …………….. only a tiny fraction of the total image.

A. transmit     B. transmitted     C. transmits    D. to transmit

Câu 45 His parents never allowed him ________.

A. a smoking     B. smoking    C. to smoke    D. some smoked

Câu 46 I have absolutely no doubt ________ the innocence of the accused.

A. about    B. over     C. on     D. with

Câu 47 Napoleon ………………. the West Indian island of Santo Domingo in 1801.

A. attacked     B. is attacking    C. has attracted     D. attacking

Câu 48 The room was infested ________ cockroaches.

A. to     B. by     C. at     D. with

Câu 49 ………………. in Shanghai than in any other city in China.

A. More people live     B. More people living

C. It has more people     D. More living people

Câu 50 In my company only executives are eligible ________ share option schemes.

A. for     B. of     C. with     D. to

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